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What a lovely day we all had at the NBS Breed Seminar on Sunday 20th October 2013.


I just wanted to say how thrilled I was to find your site.  It was wonderful to read through the website and look at the photos of the Basenji pups and adults.

I have been a Basenji enthusiast for fact I have a book that was given to me in 1979 when I was living in Rhodesia in my teens 'Call-of-the-Marsh - Life with a Basenji' written by Jill Wylie.  It's a wonderful biography cum history of Basenjis and Call of the Marsh in particular. 

I was never in a situation to be able to have a Basenji of my own.  Now living on the Isle of Lewis - a small island off the west coast of Scotland which I don't believe is an ideal place considering where the Basenji originated...just the opposite!

It's wonderful to know the breed is alive and well and I look forward to reading your page on a regular basis.

Thanks and kind regards.

Annie Joan McGann.


I and probably most humans are envious of the fact that the older a Basenji gets the less wrinkle it has. 

Les Siddall.


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